Boat specifications:
Total height6.05m
Sailing weight44kgs
Sail Area9.9m2

Speed - Certified 11-16 knots
Optional motor - 3HP, capable of 12 knots
Packing bags – 2 x 180x30x30cm each


Smartkat User Manual

Smartkat’s hulls are made from bonded PVC to provide lightweight and secure buoyancy as well as being extremely robust. On very exposed areas (e.g. main frame mounts and at the seams), the hulls are made of several layers of PVC material for added strength and durability.

The hulls have a single air chamber inflated via safety valves that meet the latest standards for construction and reliability. Both hulls are connected together with a large diameter anodised aluminium tubular frame which also supports the trampoline and provides mounting for the centreboard, bow sprit, mast and rudder.

The trampoline consists of a skin-friendly material with good grip that ensures instant drainage and fast drying. The sophisticated construction of the 1.90 m long trampoline offers a comfortable area for active sailing or just lazing around. Three hiking straps run along the trampoline to provide a secure ride in strong wind.

Centreboard And Rudder
The centreboard and rudder are made from a stainless steel cores moulded into foam cored, glass fibre skinned foils.

Static calculations and mechanical tests determined the ideal dimensions for high strength foils with minimum weight.

The centreboard has a patented ”king pin” arrangement providing a secure anchor for applying tension to the Smartkat’s whole structure and so can be considered to be at the heart of the boat. Whilst its hulls are inflatable the Smartkat gains its strength and rigidity from its frame and a unique arrangement of quick release wire rigging which all originates from the centreboard structure. The high strength and stability of the entire rig and bowsprit stem directly from this key area. Through the wire rigging the centreboard foil has excellent lateral stability under load and prevents unwanted vibrations. Countless hours of testing and research has led Smartkat to use the most efficient, hydrodynamic shaped foils to enhance the inflatable catamaran’s performance.

The rudder is as tough and strong in the same way as the centreboard. Only the lightest of touches on the single rudder is required to keep control of the boat even at speed. The quality design and perfect finish of the rudder contributes significantly to the high speed potential in the boat. Both rudder and centreboard are provided with a controlled adjustable quick-release mechanism that will release during unintended grounding, thus saving the boat from damage.

Rigging and Sails
The mast is made of anodised aluminium tubing and consists of 3 separate sections of equal length which slot easily together. It is reinforced in the mid-section to give extra rigidity and strength to ensure safe sailing and good performance.

The shrouds are made of Dyneema and is characterized as being light, very strong, low stretch and happy to be formed into loops and splices without much loss of strength.

The “performance” Smartkat is fitted with both a Main sail and jib made with a base cloth of Dacron. Dacron gives the sails great resilience, high UV resistance and allows the sails to dry quickly. Best of all the sails are highly durable and will keep the shape well.

The total sail area is 9.9m², (the main sail 6.0m² and jib 3.9m²).

The Updated Main sail for 2012 is manufactured with an extra “X-ply” laminate which makes the sail extremely stable and has a more modern look and feel. It also features new battens which can be adjusted depending on the conditions.
"The Smartkat was amazingly quick, accelerating like a rocket. 
It performs reasonably upwind, as well as being very reliable through tacks and gybes."
Jeremy Evans -
Yachts and Yachting 

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